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Take the Guesswork Out of Selling

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To meet the today's challenges, you need to preserve your core and stimulate progress, more commonly:

  • don't hide your head in the sand,

  • don't be penny wise and pound foolish,

  • face the "brutal facts,"

  • doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

Lengthy initial training for new hires worked in a world where the market and sales cycle were reasonably stable. In today’s dynamic business environment, continual development and training are more important than ever. However, they must be delivered in smaller, targeted, more frequent modules, with less disruption to the salesperson's work. 

We believe there is a science of successful selling. We believe how you talk with customers is the defining factor in determining your sales effectiveness. Whether it's finding new opportunities, making great sales calls, or winning new opportunities from existing accounts, Sales Acumen provides the consistency and language required to increase profitable sales .

Sales Acumen works. It's intuitive, straightforward, and genuine.

The life-blood of any company is it's ability to grow by expanding relationships with existing clients and winning new client opportunities. 

We have developed the Telephone Skills Workshop to teach salespeople how to efficiently establish business relationships with new clients, extend business relationships with existing clients, and increase the number of qualified prospects salespeople have in their pipeline. 

Successful salespeople know that managing selling time for maximum efficiency, executing the correct selling activities in every opportunity, and targeting the best opportunities, is the optimal approach to increased sales productivity. The telephone (and other telecommunications vehicles) play a central role in these efforts. Sales Acumen will provide understanding of the use of these tools and develop the behaviors to optimize results from them.

You have made a huge investment in your telecommunications capabilities, it's time to make the investment in the people that use these valuable tools. 

Microsoft solutions often address a company's most complex and important issues. To the client, the way you sell is a preview of the way you'll solve.

The Solution Selling Skills Workshop will take the guesswork out of selling. Participants will get a roadmap for managing the complexities of the sale, learning how and why their clients make buying decisions. They'll develop the language of business which will shorten sales cycles and result in win-win relationships.

Participants will go from a product-led approach to one that is truly solution-oriented. They'll sell more by identifying their customer's real needs, the results they expect, and the value they place on the solution. They'll learn to use probing and listening as powerful selling tools. Every call they make, every interaction they have with a potential client, is tailored to effectively and efficiently move the opportunity forward.     

You're not making sales, you're building lifelong client relationships. 

Sometimes, the best solutions lose because others present their ideas better. You can use effective presentation skills to create a competitive advantage.

Presentations happen at every stage of the sales cycle and in every venueone-on-one meetings and stand-up group presentations. Sales presentations that are customer-centric, clear, concise, and confident are compelling. The Presentation Skills Workshop will contribute to sales effectiveness and create a competitive advantage. 

The levels of client interest and acceptance are directly proportional to the level of interactions during the presentation. Getting the client's reaction to the presentation is the critical outcome. It's the part of the sales process where finding there are deficiencies in the solution can be a desirable outcome. If you wait for the client's reaction to your proposal to find the deficiencies, you lose.

Presentations that are customer-centric, clear, concise, and confident are compelling.

Check our upcoming training calendar for a sales training workshop in a Microsoft city near you, or email or call (714) 612-1511 to discuss your situation further.

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