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Presentation Skills Workshop



Present a Competitive Advantage

Helping Microsoft Partners Succeed

Client presentationsaround-the-table or stand-up in front of a groupare part of every sales process. This inflection point in the sales cycle is your opportunity to validate that your solution exactly meets your client's needs; and delivers the knockout blow to the competition. Important? There's little that happens that's more important than this.


Presentation Skills Workshop provides an understanding and blueprint for success of formal and informal presentations, enabling you to clearly, concisely, and credibly present your solution, seek its deficiencies and end with agreement that it completely meets the client's needs. Salespeople gain understanding that even superior solutions with price advantages can lose if their solution is not presented properly. 

Participants learn tactics for managing the environment, presentation team, client attendees, materials, and customer interaction. They anticipate and seek out areas of weakness in their solution, and how to use those to strengthen their solution and close the deal.

Why you should attend?

Presentation Skills Workshop is designed for sales, sales support, and their management, responsible for presenting high value Microsoft solutions.

  • Are you fearful of the presentation and do your best to avoid it? 

  • Do you know what the presentation is to accomplish, what success looks like, and what the next step is going to be?

  • Have you lost an opportunity when you had a superior, lower priced solution? 

  • How do you cover everything you need to cover in the allowable time? 

  • Do the presentation participantsinfluencers, recommenders, and decision-makersagree on the issues, results and value of the solution they need?

  • Do you get great feedback on your presentations (the attendees ask you to send them an electronic copy) and you still lose the deal? 

  • Do members of the presentation team disappoint you in their content, materials, attitude, or the way they handle client questions?

  • Do you know when and how to discuss price so that your margins are not eroded and you don't lose credibility with the client?

What you'll learn?

In this one-day* Presentation Skills Workshop, you'll learn to:

  • Listen, probe, and present in an interactive and purposeful communication.

  • Develop agendas and appropriate visual aids.

  • Organize for clarity and positive impact.

  • Open the presentation in a manner that develops rapport, trust and receptivity. 

  • Present your ideas and information with confidence and credibility.

  • Make the presentation interactive and "real."

  • Anticipate, encourage and deal with tough and challenging questions.

  • Adapt your presentations for different audiences, time, venues, and content.

  • Validate the client's needs, expected results and the value of the solution.


How the sales team member and their organization will benefit? 

The Presentation Skills Workshop will enable participants to take the guesswork out of closing the solution sale. They will be able to validate that their solution exactly meets the client's needs. They will learn not to fear the presentation, but to embrace it for the advantage they can gain and the damage they can inflict on the competition. 

Workshop Topics 

  • Start with the end in mind (know what you want to accomplish before you make the presentation). 

  • How clients hear, listen, retain and gain understanding of information. 

  • Defining presentations, how and when they fit in the sales cycle, how they differ from sales calls.

  • Preparation.

  • Stand-up and around-the-table presentations.

  • Support from visuals.

  • Team presentations.

  • The environment.

  • The use of handouts.

  • Role of management.

  • Internal presentations.

  • How to validate that you are proposing a solution that exactly meets the clients needs..

  • When and how to discuss price.

Check our upcoming training calendar for a sales training workshop in a Microsoft city near you, or email or call (714) 612-1511 to discuss your situation further.

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Note * This one-day workshop is a condensed version of popular our two-day workshop. The two-day workshop includes time to customize the contenttarget the content to the mix of participant's experience, job responsibilities, specific issues they face, and the results the want to achieve. Learn-by-doing using participant examples provides more readily useful behavior. Contact us if you would like to set this 3 day workshop up for your sales team.



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