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Telephone Skills Workshop



You Best Customer is on Line 1

Helping Microsoft Partners Succeed

Every interaction with a new or existing customer is an opportunity to further or diminish your relationship. Don't leave it to chance. Sales Acumen provides the telephone skills you need. 


Telephone Skills Workshop will enable participants to get appointments with decision-makers, efficiently build business relationships with new clients and extend relationships with existing clients, and be as comfortable and competent in the use of sales fundamentals on the telephone as they are in person.

In today's dynamic environment, both customers and vendors are relying on telecommunication technologies to increase productivity, cut costs, and extend the frequency and geographic reach with contacts. Organizations have large investments in systems that facilitate their communication. The development of Sales Acumen will enable you to realize the full return on this investment.

Why you should attend?

Telephone Skills Workshop is designed for sales team members whose mastery of telephone communications, as an integral part of the sales process, and is critical to their success. Your answers to these questions will tell you if you can benefit by attending a workshop.

  • Do you need to make initial appointments with decision-makers?

  • Do you encounter "gatekeepers" that you need to "deal" with before you can reach the decision-maker?

  • Is generating interest and capturing mind share a key outcome of your messaging? 

  • Do you need to get commitments (close) using the telephone?

  • Is frequent interaction required to have the level of service needed to build and maintain relationships.

  • Do you need to manage objections using the telephone?

  • Is there a multitude of sources of client information, some located in remote areas, which will affect the outcome of your sales campaign? 

  • Does it take preparation and coordination to arrange a client meeting or demonstration, and is there extensive follow up of sales events?

  • Do you need to increase productivity?

  • Is conversing on the telephone exciting, interesting and fun?

  • Does your client expect you to be "on call" to answer queries?

What you'll learn?

In the one-day Telephone Skills Workshop, you'll learn to:

  • Listen, probe, and present in an interactive, purposeful communication.

  • What telephone, email, voice mail and fax communications should be used for, and not used for.

  • How to get an initial appointment with a key person.

  • Collect information and disseminate your message.

  • Build rapport and create interest.

  • Use sales fundamentals on the telephone.

  • Be as comfortable and effective on the telephone as you are in person.

  • Telephone etiquette and presence.

How the sales team member and their organization will benefit? 

Telephone Skills Workshop will enable participants to efficiently obtain information, deliver messages and gain commitment to further sales objectives. Equally important, participants will learn what the telephone should not be used for and when put in a difficult position, the best way to manage it. Mastery of the telephone will enable the sales team member to use it to efficiently further sales objectives.

Each workshop will be customized to meet the specific requirements of the participants.

Workshop Topics 

  • Establish objectives

  • Call preparation

  • Create interest

  • Work with "gatekeepers"

  • Get appointments

  • Build relationships

  • Listening

  • Provide information

  • Ask questions

  • Manage objections

  • Close (ask for commitments)

  • Follow-up

  • Combine with email, voice mail, etc.

  • Respond to client questions

  • Telephone etiquette

  • Deal with the mental side of calling

Check our upcoming training calendar for a sales training workshop in a Microsoft city near you, or email or call (714) 612-1511 to discuss your situation further.

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