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Solution Selling Skills Workshop



Make Your Customer a Success

Helping Microsoft Partners Succeed

In the Solution Selling Workshop, you'll move from a product-led approach to one that is truly solution-oriented. Every call you make, every interaction you have with a potential customer, is tailored to effectively and quickly move the opportunity forward. 


Solution Selling Workshop provides a framework that takes the guesswork out of selling, enabling you to provide a solution that exactly meets your client's needs. Salespeople learn that by making their clients successful, they become successful. 

Participants will learn that the "sales call" is an opportunity to collect information about the client’s issues, the results they would like to achieve, and the value they place on achieving those results. Tactics for managing the customer interaction enable the identification and qualification of opportunities, and provide a complete understanding of the decision criteria and process.  

Why you should attend?

Solution Selling Workshop is designed for sales team members to master the sales fundamentals needed to obtain the client information they need, while bringing value to the client through the sales process, is critical to their success. Your answers to the questions below will tell you if you can benefit by attending a workshop.

  • Do your clients understand the solution they need, why they need it, and what value they expect to get from it?

  • Are you able to determine the solution that will exactly meet the client needs? 

  • Do you understand your competitive position, the relationships with incumbent vendors, and how you are being perceived? 

  • Have you determined that the client has allocated adequate funding, time, and personnel to get a solution that exactly meets their needs?

  • Do you have access to decision-makers, influencers, and recommenders, and can you identify their decision criteria?

  • When you have points in the sales cycle where you perceive a problem and that your chance of success is diminishing, do you know bring the issue to the surface and move the issue to closure?

  • Can you quantify the value the client will get from the solution and get the client to agree with it?

  • Do you know when and how to discuss price so that your margins are not eroded and you don't lose credibility with the client?

What you'll learn?

This one-day* Solution Selling Workshop, you'll learn to:

  • Listen, probe, and present in an interactive and purposeful communication.

  • Identify the client's needs, expected results and the value of the solution.

  • Qualify opportunities to determine if the client has adequate financial, time and personnel resources.

  • Obtain appointments with all key people involved in the decision process and determine their buying criteria.

  • Make your client successful so you can be successful.


How the sales team member and their organization will benefit? 

The Solution Selling Workshop will enable participants to take the guesswork out of selling. They will be able to develop an solution that exactly meets the client's needs, and quantify the value of the solution to the client. The resulting solution will increase client satisfaction, extending the relationship to future projects. Quantifying the value will enable an ROI analysis that will take the emphasis off price, increasing margins. 

Workshop Topics 

  • Start with the end in mind (know what you want to accomplish before you make the call). 

  • How clients hear, listen, retain and gain understanding of information. 

  • All sales success comes from customer success in the solution you provide. 

  • Call research and preparation.

  • How to identify client issues.

  • The results the client is trying to achieve.

  • The value the places on the solution (and how to convert that into an ROI analysis).

  • Finding out who makes up the decision-making body.

  • The decision-criteria.

  • Qualifying the opportunity for budget, time and personnel availability..

  • How to validate that you are proposing a solution that exactly meets the clients needs.

  • When and how to discuss price.

  • Getting to the people that have the information you need about the opportunity.

  • How to recognize problems early in the sales cycle and deal with them immediately.

Check our upcoming training calendar for a sales training workshop in a Microsoft city near you, or email or call (714) 612-1511 to discuss your situation further.

Note * This one-day workshop is a condensed version of popular our three-day workshop. The three-day workshop includes time to customize the contenttarget the content to the mix of participant's experience, job responsibilities, specific issues they face, and the results the want to achieve. Learn-by-doing using participant examples provides more readily useful behavior. Contact us if you would like to set this 3 day workshop up for your sales team.



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